Professional PR and digital marketing

Why to Hire Professional PR Services?

I have been asked many times “Why should I hire professional PR or marketing services?” Usually, micro and small companies don’t have enough marketing budget and are trying to do everything with the available resources within the company. Everyone can learn to manage social media profiles and pages. Everyone can learn how to launch a campaign on Google, and everyone can organize an event. But do you have enough time for this? Do you have the knowledge? Do you have the experience? And don’t you think that it’s better to invest your time as a CEO in other directions and leave marketing activities to be performed by professionals?

Below you can find several questions and answers which can help you with the decision of whether to hire or not professional services.

Do I need marketing and PR services?

Yes, every organization needs marketing and PR services. If you want more people to be aware of what you’re doing if you want to have more clients or to maintain good relationships with your existing clients you need to conduct PR and marketing activities.

What kind of PR and marketing activities do I need?

Here again, a PR or marketing professional can help you and advise you on what services exactly you need. Of course, you don’t need all the available services to be conducted at the same time.

What to do if I have no dedicated budget for PR and marketing activities?

Budget is always a problem. But if you want to start or expand your business you need to have a budget for PR and marketing. Your product can be exceptional but if nobody knows about it who will buy it?

Do I have enough budget?

There is no such term as “enough budget”. We will advise you on what can be done to fulfill your goals. After that, you will be able to decide according to your budget whether to start with all the proposed activities or only with some of them. But please remember – the integrated multi-channel approach is always the winning formula. So, if you decide to cut some of the activities, you cut some of your possibilities.

Do I have enough time to conduct the PR and marketing activities by myself?

If you’re going to do this calculate the time that you should invest and decide whether this is profitable for your business.

Do I have the knowledge?

Knowledge is another issue that you should consider. If you don’t have knowledge and experience in this field it would be difficult for you and the results will not satisfy you.